Drugs Possession

Drug charges are the most common crime prosecuted in state and federal courts of New York. There are several categories of drug charges that prosecutors may seek with penalties ranging from a small monetary fine to possibly life in prison. Generally, the severity of the penalties you face such as whether you face a misdemeanor or felony charge will depend upon three factors. These include the type of drug you are accused of possessing, the amount of the drugs involved, and whether the drug was for personal use or the use of others. At Dalbir Singh & Associates, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to providing immediate and aggressive representation to our clients who may be facing charges to related to drug possession.

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Types of Drug Charges

There are many different types of drug crimes in New York. Some of the most common charges that a New York criminal lawyer defends against include:

Drug Possession: In the state if New York possession of drugs typically involves an individual possessing some quantity of drug for his or her own use. Because drug possession involves someone’s personal use, the amount of the drug at stake is usually very small. Prosecutors may assume that an individual possessing larger sums of the drug intends to sell or distribute the drug. Some convicted of drug possession can face misdemeanor charges and may even avoid jail time.

Drug Distribution: Commonly referred to as the crime of dealing drugs. Prosecutors may assume that someone with a large quantity of a drug intends to distribute. Additionally, equipment and devices in your possession, such as scales and baggies, may also support that you intend to distribute the drugs in your possession. Drug distribution can be a serious felony charge that involves significant jail time and other penalties.

Drug Manufacture: Manufacturing of drugs can include a wide range of activities such as growing marijuana in your basement or running a meth lab. Just like drug distribution, prosecutors treat drug manufacturing as a very serious crime, typically involving a felony charge and long prison sentences.

Drug Trafficking: The crime of drug trafficking generally involves an individual or group of individuals smuggling drugs across state or federal lines. Drug trafficking is almost always a federal offense and can involve severe penalties.

Conspiracy: While not technically a drug crime, prosecutors oftentimes tack on a conspiracy charge to a drug offense. A conspiracy generally involves a scheme involving two or more people to commit some crime and an overt act by someone in the conspiracy towards the commission of the crime. If prosecutors believe there are multiple individuals involved in a drug crime, they almost always will add a conspiracy charge. Conspiracy charges are very serious as someone convicted of the offense could face the same penalties as the underlying drug charge.

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