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Expertise and Passion for the Law

At our firm, Dalbir Singh & Associates P.C., we always put clients first. We are dedicated to providing the best legal service and searching for the best results for our clients. Our practice is grounded in giving each client the utmost attention,while using sound judgment to effectively and efficiently resolve matters. We are a small law firm with a rich history of service.

We serve all of our clients with professionalism and integrity and will guide you through your legal issues every step of the way. We listen to you and will find the best solutions for you and your family.If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in one of our areas of practice we are here to help.

Why Choose Us?

Consistent communication is key

Consistent communication regarding case status and updates, whether the case is under preparation or in the process with a government agency, can reduce anxiety and allow everyone to feel more comfortable with the process.

We proactively structure the process

So the clients know what to expect and when. Surprises in immigration processes are generally not pleasant, so we point out potential pitfalls and obstacles in advance and navigate around them whenever possible.

We have significant experience on immigration law

This means we spend 100% of our time immersed in this highly complex, always-changing area of the law. We are on top of changes that will affect your case and have years of experience in the field.

We have a passion for immigration law

We hire staff who express a strong interest in immigration and international affairs and who often have gone through the process themselves. People who love their work are more likely to do a great job with a positive disposition while doing it.

Experience Honesty Integrity

We are realistic about expectations and success. If a case is weak, we will tell you. If processing time is long, we will tell you. We see no benefit in overselling the possibilities. We believe clients deserve to hear the truth and to know where they stand.

Individualized Attention

Unlike other firms, we prefer to stay “hands-on.” You will have direct access to the devoted attorney who is working tirelessly on your case.

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