Work & travel authorization

While an immigration matter is pending, it is often important that the applicant be able to work in the U.S. and/or travel internationally. For this reason, U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) offers individuals with pending applications or cases the opportunity to apply for employment (EAD) and travel documents.

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Employment authorization documents (EADs)

EADs allow a non-immigrant individual to work in the U.S. while his or her immigration matter is pending. There are some restrictions on this type of employment, but it applies many of the same protections and responsibilities to the non-immigrant as U.S. labor and tax laws apply to citizens. EAD applications and regulations are complex, and our staff offers a good understanding of how to obtain and effectively use U.S. employment eligibility.

Travel documents

There are several different types of travel authorization documents, the one you apply for depends on the type of immigration matter at hand. These documents enable an individual with a pending adjustment application to travel internationally for periods less than one year. There are other restrictions on how long an individual may travel for and where they may travel to (all depending on the nature of their immigration matter) and it is important to understand these regulations before using your travel document. Failure to comply with USCIS travel regulations may result in the abandonment of your application — it will be presumed abandoned and closed by USCIS. For this reason it is advisable to discuss your international travel plans with us.

How can Dalbir Singh & Associates P.C. help you?

When you apply to adjust status (as well as with some other applications), the USCIS filing fee covers an EAD and travel authorization application. Our office can help you complete and submit these forms for you as part of the service we provide in handling your larger immigration matter. If you already have a pending immigration matter and would like to apply for or renew your EAD or travel document, our office can help you with these applications as a separate matter from your adjustment application.

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