E-1 Visa

The E1 Visa allows individuals, or employees of companies, to enter the U.S. for the purpose of carrying out international trade.  The definition of “trade” is not strict. It may apply to the trade of goods, of services, and even banking. There is no set limit to the amount of trade that must take place, although greater emphasis is placed on the number of transactions over total value.An E1 visa may also cover immediate family (legal spouse and unmarried children under 21). The spouse of the visa holder is permitted to work, but children are not.  The requirement E1 visa is the same as the E-2 Visa;  the investor has to be national of a treaty country.

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E-2 Visa

Nationals of E2 Treaty Investor visa countries who have made investment in the United States may qualify for E2 Visa.. There is no minimum investment required for one to qualify for E2 Visa Treaty Investor status.  Unlike the H1B visa category, there is no quota for E2 visas.  The visa must be renewed every two years, however, there is no limit to how many times one can renew the visa.  Please follow the link for treaty countries


To qualify for the E2 Visa, the following requirement must be fulfilled:

  1. The investor is a national of treaty country. Please click the link above
  2. The investor has invested or actively in the process of investing
  3. The investor must control the U.S. entity (50% or more)
  4. The investment is not Marginal

The business should create employment in the US for both the E2 treaty visa national investor and US citizens and residents.

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